our mission is simple …

We are obsessed with driving innovation through
products enabled by nanotechnology.


Our nanotechnology powered CLARITY solutions are designed to clean safely and more effectively


Our Anti-Fog solutions use cutting-edge nanotechnology to provide clear vision in even the most extreme conditions


Our protective nanocoating surface treatments create a highly resistant nanofilm bond to protect against scratches, marring and other elements


about us

Who We Are. For more than 25 years, PEN Brands (Nanofilm) has been providing innovative solutions to protect, enhance and care for high performance surfaces through Specialty Cleaners, Anti-Fog Surface Treatments, and Nanotechnology Coatings.

World Class Science. Everything PEN Brands makes is developed by experienced R&D chemists to offer products that make a meaningful difference.

Made in America. Our products are developed in our own research labs and manufactured in our own facilities right here in the USA so we can deliver the highest standards and quality control.

Service, first and always. You are our #1 priority. Our Solutions team is obsessed with providing you with a customer experience that is second to none.